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Parallel Lines

I like including a person in this section. Obviously the picture on there is a placeholder if we wish to have something taken ourselves. I think having someone there gives the message of customer service. It is also something lots of other storage places do, not having it makes us feel very robotic?

Find the location nearest you

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What We Offer

I like how clean and simple this section is, although I am not sure if it is the best idea to mention Vehicle storage/climate control when it is something we offer in very few locations.

Drive Up Access


Vehicle Storage


Climate Control

*Available at select locations

I would like to have it set up so you click on a location and it takes you directly to that locations 'rent now' tab.

Rent Online and Secure Your Unit Today

I don't know if is the best way to convey the message, but I'd like to show off the portal on this main page. 

24/7 Access to your Online Portal

Your Online Customer Portal gives you full access to your account at anytime, anywhere. You can manage your payments, update your account details, and even rent additional units.

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Rent Online and Store Today

  • Select your location

  • Select your unit

  • Set up your account

  • Make Your Payment

  • Start storing your items

This text is also a placeholder, until the verbiage on this can be improved, I believe it would be good to just have a brief summary of the rental process/what the customer has to do.


Just ask our customers

At Arborstone, you're our top priority

Low Cost Storage Protection Required

I'm not a fan of this section personally but it's the material that SafeLease provided. I tried to clean it up a bit by putting a (what I think is a better) font, as well as rounding off the corners of the picture.

Couple Jpg.jpg

If It's Worth Storing, It's Worth Protecting!

Do I need Storage Protection?
Yes, storage facilities can only insure their buildings and not the contents inside.  Coverage costs start as low as $9/mo, have no deductible and a claim won't impact your homeowners insurance.
What is Covered?
Wind, hail, fire, smoke, building collapse, lightning, explosion, theft, vandalism and more!

To Learn More go to your specific location website and click on "Tenant Protection"!

Still not sure?
Call or email us today!
Leasing Agents are available
Monday-Saturday 9AM-5P

I would also like to clean up the internal buttons, and place them within a section somewhere over here.


Thanks! Message sent.

I would like to have the phone number integrate a bit better, so after looking at some other websites, it looks like having it tied in with the info here is best compared to having it stick out on its own.

Storage Locations




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Need Assistance?


At Arborstone Storage, we offer a range of Storage Units to suit your needs. Our units are available with month-to-month leases, providing maximum flexibility for our customers. Our online rental process makes it easy to rent your unit from anywhere. Our facilities are clean and well-lit, providing a safe and secure storage environment. With a variety of sizes available, we're confident you'll find the perfect solution to your storage needs at our facilities. And with our exceptional customer service, you can rest assured that your storage experience will be hassle-free.

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